Main maintenance methods of rubber machine

Published on: 2020-06-11


Main maintenance methods of rubber machine.

The core of rubber machinery maintenance work is fault judgment and fault handling, which involves a wide range of knowledge and a large level of complexity. A certain depth (such as comprehensive professional knowledge level) requires not only basic knowledge of rubber molding machine mechanical equipment maintenance, but also basic knowledge of hydraulic maintenance, as well as basic knowledge of electrical and pneumatic maintenance. In fact, the maintenance of rubber machine is not only hard, but also a process of learning from time to time, as long as the basic working principle of rubber injection molding machine is mastered.

The maintenance workers must first understand and master the contents of the operation manual of the rubber machine and rubber injection molding machine, be familiar with and master the mechanical parts, circuits and oil circuits of the rubber machine, the working process of the rubber machine, circuits and oil circuits of the rubber machine in normal operation, and the inspection and maintenance methods of the electrical and hydraulic components of rubber machine. Clear the normal and abnormal working conditions to avoid misjudgment and dis-assembly of rubber machine.

The maintenance work must understand the operation method of the rubber machine and have some basic knowledge of rubber injection molding, and be able to use the rubber machinery correctly. If you don't know how to operate rubber machine, maintenance work is very difficult to judge the fault and may not be reliable. The circuit board and electrical components in rubber machine are temporarily affected by high temperature, environment, time and other factors. The deviation of working point of components and the aging level of components belong to the normal range. Therefore, debugging rubber machine is also one of the essential basic skills in maintenance work. It is very important to solve the working order of rubber machine, debug the electronic circuit and hydraulic oil circuit of rubber machine and rubber injection molding machine.

What are the manufacturing rubber machine of rubber products?

In order to ensure the accuracy, reliability and timeliness of maintenance work of rubber machine, it is necessary to study and master the contents in the operating instructions of various types of rubber machines. In the general maintenance process of rubber machine, the maintenance idea is usually the action of circuit oil circuit mechanical parts. And the adjustment work is carried out in turn, such as mechanical action and clamping pressure of rubber molding machine. The oil circuit and circuit can be found. If the circuit output is normal, adjust the oil circuit valve. If the oil circuit works normally, adjust the circuit electronic board of rubber machine.

Of course, the final unified adjustment, but the three relations are interdependent and mutually controlled for rubber molding machine. It is an important means to correctly use instruments and meters, adjust detection circuit, repair oil circuit, debug local position and action of rubber machine, and judge faults. General rubber machine manufacturers only provide electrical block diagram of equipment, block diagram of oil circuit and main parts of rubber machine, which is not enough for maintenance work. It is necessary to pay attention to daily maintenance work, collect and sort out relevant information in all aspects. Such as electrical, electronic, mechanical spare parts, oil circuit, electromagnetic valve body and other information of rubber machine. For example, if there is an opportunity in the electrical field, it is necessary to map the circuit schematic diagram, the schematic diagram of the electronic board and the actual wiring diagram, and measure the relevant data such as the components corresponding to the wiring terminals, so as to provide accurate detection points for fault judgment and analysis in the maintenance for rubber molding machine. The specific parameters of the detection point are measured. When necessary, it is necessary to make power supply, analog input and output signals, conduct simulation test or adjustment, so as to master and obtain first-hand maintenance data, such as parameters of working points at all levels of rubber machine.

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