Difference between rubber vulcanizing press and rubber injection molding machine

Published on: 2020-06-19


Structure of rubber vulcanizing press and rubber injection molding machine

The structure of the rubber flat vulcanizer is simple. It is mainly composed of hydraulic system, control system, demoulding system, and mold clamping system. Its control mode is manual, We can realize the actions of each steps by using button on the control panel. In the production of rubber products, it takes longer time to use a vulcanizing machine than injection molding machine.

Because it is necessary to manually add rubber to the mold cavity,and there is no automatic metering device, the weight of the rubber must be weighed manually. The above cumbersome steps waste a lot of manpower and Material resources.

But the rubber injection molding machine is mainly composed of a plasticizing system, an injection system, a hydraulic system, a control system, a mold clamping system, and a demoulding system. The automatic plasticizing system can automatically convey rubber materials, saving manpower, and the plasticizing screw is made of low speed and high torque driven by a hydraulic motor, it adapts to rubbers with different viscosities and hardnesses, fully plasticizes the rubber material, thus saving injection time. The plasticized rubber material enters the barrel and is automatically injected into the mold cavity by the injection system. The injection system can make full use of rubber to prevent aging rubber. The injection system is equipped with an automatic metering device that automatically measures the volume of the injected rubber.

The characteristics of the plastic injection system of the rubber injection molding machine are as follows:

a. It is equipped with hydraulic motor which has Low speed and high torque to make the plasticizing capacity more strongly. The plasticizing speed is very fast and be with high precision. The screw for the system can be reversed and very convenient for the rubber purging.

b. The screw and chamber are very clean and with high quality, and the surplus rubber will not stick to the surface of the screw and chamber.

c. There is a complete separated oil circuit for the plasticizing system and the oil temperature is controlled by PID. The parameters for the temperature can be set and adjusted at any time according to the different kinds of rubbers to make the perfect plasticizing result

The characteristics of injection system of rubber injection molding system is as following:

The injection chamber is heated by the oil which can keep its consistent temperature. The heating speed is fast and even with small inertia. It is easy to control the temperature with high precision so that the temperature of the plasticizing and vulcanizing can be controlled effectively. There is no aging rubber in the injection chamber. The injection can be done in sections according to the different products. 

The control model of rubber vulcanizing press and injection molding machine;

Rubber vulcanizing press is manual control,and rubber injection molding machine is automatic control or manual control.All of them are used SIEMENS control system PLC,and the features are as below: 

The electric system is the key system of the machine and it is a directive center. The most advanced SIEMENS industry Control system is used by our company, including PLC chips, digital Modular, Analog Modular, Media Oil system (PID), proportion pressure amplifier, proportion flowing amplifier.

The control system can monitor each movement, working status and parameters at any time and has English display to convenient for observing the running of the machine. The control system has warning function that can display the warning information and there are additional displaying functions, such as, displaying temperature curve. Furthermore, the control system can store 300 sets of mould parameters.

The control programs are not fixed. It is very difficult to revise or add parameters in the programs if the programs are fixed and costs much. This phenomenon exists in our competitor’s control system. However, our programs can be edited and revised easily and suitable for various products.



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