Vacuum Vulcanizing Machine Bring Us Good Luck !

Published on: 2020-06-18


In the end of April, we delivered vacuum vulcanizing machine to Pune, India, because of conora virus, we experienced changing ship by shipping company without notice, goods detained at  the port of destination and undischarged, shipping documents kept more than 20 days by DHL for isolation in customer's city.... During this special period, we had tight communications with customer, felt sorry but nothing can do except waiting.

Finally, vacuum vulcanizing machine finished the customs clearance in 8th of June, and arrived customer plant in 13th, that was a long journey, and tough journey. Customer was so happy to receive the machine and molds.

As the local epidemic prevention and control in India is still severe, our local engineers in India cannot arrive to help the customer to install and debug. The customer did online communication with us and assembled and debugged the machine by himself according to our instructions.

After 5 days' working, the vacuum vulcanizing machine is running, Congrats ! On that day, customer used  traditional India way to celebrate the new machine starts to work ,and pray the machines are working well to bring numerous treasure and luck to them ! We also hope that  the virus will be ended soon, hope our cooperation relationship will last forever ! 

vacuum vulcanizing machine

HUAYI vacuum vulcanizing machine has applied German BUSCH vacuum control system,stable and high performance,SIEMENS advanced PLC and HMI, free programming give customers flexible operations.And simple HMI layout and automatic flowchart can help customers handle well with our machine easily.

Finally,  Hope the world is friendly, peaceful, no conflict or chaos, hope the virus will be ended soon.
With our best wishes!


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