The Advantages of Vacuum Vulcanizing Press Machine

Published on: 2020-6-23


Many clients hope their rubber or silicone products are high quality with perfect appearance, but how to ensure that? 
The answer is to purchase a Huayi Vacuum Vulcanizing Press Machine.
No matter your product material is rubber or silicone, our machine can always make sure the product high quality with a beautiful appearance, there will be no air bubbles on your product.

Hereby allow me to share a recent case with you:
On April, we delivered this beautiful Vacuum Vulcanizing Press Machine to Pune, India.
After a very long and tough journey due to the COVID-19 virus, our dear customer finally received it this month.
Now the machine is running very well, they are so happy to get such a wonderful machine.

Why our Vacuum Vulcanizing Press Machine is so good? This machine is both suitable for making all kinds of rubber products and silicone products, I list some advantages as bellow:

1. For the double station type, there’re two independent working stations, one worker can operate it very well;
2. German BUSCH advanced vacuum system, can ensure no air bubbles on the product, the product appearance will be perfect;

3. Our main control parts are all using world famous brand such as Siemens PLC, Yuken valve and pump, Schneider electrical components;
4. We have our own processing workshop to make the main iron parts by ourselves instead of purchase from outside, in this way we can control the quality well;
5. Clamping unit movements are controlled by advanced proportional pressure valve, proportional flux valves, and equips with 2 fast mold clamping cylinders, can achieve "slow - fast - slow" three clamping speed, in this way the machine can improve production efficiency;
6. Multi options for product demoulding device (such as sliding plate, side ejector, reverse plate, low clapper, etc), you can choose 2RT, 3RT or 4RT combo according to your product;

7. German protection-light curtains for preventing workers from danger;
8. The main components warranty time of Our Vacuum Vulcanizing Press Machine is 12 months after machine installation and acceptance by your side in your factory;
9. We can arrange engineers to help you to finish the machines & molds installation, commissioning and operator training free of salary;
10. Turnkey project service can be offered by us with Huayi Vacuum Vulcanizing Press Machine, precision mold, rubber or silicone materials. They will be delivered to you after testing is fully succeed, the machine must get full quality checking and automatic running for 500 shots before delivery, in this way we can make sure ZERO quality problem left to customer plant.

Please check out these video links below to see how Huayi Vacuum Vulcanizing Press Machine produce the beautiful high quality products:
Machine working video 1:
Working video 2: 
Working video 3:
Working video 4: 

Thanks for your reading,
Adam Long
Whatspp: 0086 15073401253

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