How to make rubber insulators?

Published on: 2021-10-12


How to make rubber insulators? Or how to make insulator with silicone rubber? Silicone rubber insulators is belongs to composite insulators, includes three parts: silicone rubber external layer, FRP rod and metal fittings. Compared with Porcelain insulators, rubber insulators manufuring process is more easier and more environmentally friendly. For silicone rubber, the material can be solid silicone rubber and liquid silicone rubber. The molding process is quite different. Need to cooperate with material supplier to get correct rubber with suitable formular. For the FRP rod and fittings, normally you can find enough existed suppliers in China. For molding equipment, solid rubber molding machine or liquid rubber molding machine, molds, water chiller, rod pre-heating device. If condition or technology accumulation is allowed, rubber mixing machines, lab testing devices, rod and fitting clamping machine can be invested. For newcomers, there will be a professional insulators manufacturing company to provide the technical and certificated supports to help customers to pass the all kinds of state grid permit approval.

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