Rubber Injection Machine

Rubber Injection Machine HYZ-A Series

Huayi HYZ-A Series, vertical rubber injection machine, with vertical injection unit is on the center axis of the clamping pressure, can provide powerful injection pressure and high injection speed, and vertical rubber injection machine is most traditional rubber injection machine design in the world.
  • Four-column vertical rubber injection machine ensures machine durability;
  • First in last out injection way, high speed injection, less injection pressure loss;
  • Multi steps injection pressure and speed can be adjustable;
  • Equipped with fast clamping cylinders to achieve slow-fast-slow clamping speed, low pressure mold clamping protection controlled by PLC ensure no injuries for molds or operator;
  • Sturdy design of clamping unit for high stability and parallelism;
  • Siemens fast response electrical controlling system, simple operation interface and flexible automatic flowchart selection;
  • PLC monitor entire production process, 300 sets of production recipes can save and USB data transmission conveniently
  • High precise heating platen temperature controlling,PID temperature automatic calibration by PLC;
  • Germany high performance heating insulation plates effectively prevents heat loss;
  • Independent temperature detection and control for rubber machine injection unit, plastic unit, Huayi own made TCU with compact size and accurate temperature controlling ,which interlock with machine PLC;
  • Multi demolding devices can be selected as per various rubber molds production requests;
  • CE Certification option is available;
  • First in First out injection is available
  • Product Description

    Huayi rubber injection machine HYZ-A Series, is vertical rubber injection molding machine, simple features as below: 1. vertical injection unit with retractable nozzle; 2.four-column structure sturdy clamping unit, 3.last in first out injection way, multi-phase injection speed & pressure setting adapt various molds production demand; 4. external demoulding devices,safe and flexible operation; 5. easy maintenance on mechanical & hydraulic parts layout.

    Item HYZ-100A HYZ-200A HYZ-300A HYZ-400A HYZ-500A HYZ-580A
    Item HYZ-100A HYZ-200A HYZ-300A HYZ-400A HYZ-500A HYZ-580A
    Clamping Force(KN) 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 5800
    Injection Volume(CM3) 1000 2000/2400 3000/4000 3000/4000 3000/5000 5000/6000
    Heating Platen Size(W*L/MM) 500*500 550*550 600*700 700*700 700*700 700*700
    Space Btwn Platens(MM) 500 570 750 570 750 750
    Dimension Between Tiebar(MM) 610*335 650*360 720*520 860*490 770*550 930*560
    Max.Clamping Stroke(MM) 450 500 600 500 700 700
    Min.Mold Thickness(MM) 60 80 160 80 60 60
    Total Power (KW) 25 28 40 45 55 55
    Machine Size (M) 2.7*1.2*3.1 3.2*2.1*3.9 3.5*2.5*4.6 4.2*2.5*4.5 4.2*2.5*4.6 4.2*2.5*4.7
    Machine Weight(T) 5.5 8 11 12.5 15 23

    Application One on vertical rubber injection machine

    First in first out injection way

    • First in first out injection way on rubber injection machine is mature technology;
    • Vertical rubber injection machine with FIFO injection unit can reduce the machine total height;
    • FIFO injection easily clean the plasticing screw and injection piston ;
    • The first plasticized rubber will be injected firstly which stay less time inside injection cylinder, suitable for the rubber material with short curing time or sensitive to the curing temperature;

    Application Two on vertical rubber injection machine

    Compact structure,less space accupied

    • New design with moveable clamping pad, less hydraulic oil usage;
    • Adjustable clamping stroke, machine working height less than 1000mm;
    • Built-in sliding hydraulic cylinder, back space saved;
    • Sliding table driven by hydraulic motor instead of cylinder for saving space

    Vertical rubber injection machine application

    Suitable for making automotive rubber parts,auto-rust bushings, CV boots, grommets,gaskets, auto-shocks parts, engine mounted parts...

    Below is the picture show some machine in customer plants

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