Rubber Tyre Bladder Injection Machine

Tyre Bladders Injection Machine

With creative idea and pratical experience, Huayi developed the high stable, high accurate and world advanced tyre bladders injection molding machines for our customers, is the most professional tyre bladders injection machine manufacturer in China.
  • Four-column vertical structure ensures machine durability;
  • UK top brand steam heating control system specially adopted for tyre bladders production;
  • Steam heating ensures more even mold heating,important factor for rubber curing;
  • Germany BUSCH vacuum control system for precise steam pressure control;
  • Top/bottom core lifter suitable for various production requests of  tyre bladders;
  • Sliding table, upper fixing device...multi demolding devices can be selected;
  • Sturdy design of clamping unit for high stability and parallelism;
  • SIEMENS,Schneider,Omron,Rexroth,ABB,YUKEN... world famous machine components ensure worry-less service supports.
  • PLC monitor entire production process, 300 sets of production recipes can save and USB data transmission conveniently
  • Remote control provides more convenient after sales service;
  • First in First out injection way for big injection volume(20000 cc) is new application of Huayi tyre bladder injection machine in this field.
  • CE Certification option is available.
  • Product Description

    Huayi Tyre Bladder Injection Machine, Huayi most professional machine series, with more than 15 years manufacturing experience.
    Compared with compression molding press, tyre bladders rubber injection machine with below advantages:
    1.Higher tyre bladders productivity; 2.Less rubber material wasting; 3.Reduce the production cost of tyres vulcanizing process;
    4. Tyres quality improved ;5. More enegy saving and less labor cost

    Clamping Force(KN)4000600080001200015000
    Injection Volume(CM3)40005000100001000020000
    Heating Platen Size(W*L/MM)800*800800*8001000*10001400*14001400*1400
    Space Btwn Platens(MM)900900140014001400
    Bottom core stroke(MM)350350Min.350Min.350Min.350
    Max.Clamping Stroke(MM)750800100010001000
    Min.Mold Thickness(MM)150100400400400
    Total Power (KW)18.532.5434555
    Machine Size (M)3*2.5*55*2.8*5.26*2.6*6.66*2.2*6.56.2*2.2*6.5
    Machine Weight(T)1523404560

    Advantages One

    Higher tyre bladders productivity

    • Rubber material has been melt into viscous status,when the rubber injection machine inject this kind of rubber in to tyre bladders mold cavity, the friction heating increases the the temperature of rubber material so that the actual curing time can be reduced a lot.
    • The rubber feeding of tyre bladders injection machine is automatically, manual pre-forming, rubber weight metering or rubber feeding are not needed, and final cured bladders with good quality which are not required flash trimming. So the entire cycle of tyre bladders production is greatly shortened.
    • According to the customer’s feedback, the productivity of one tyre bladders injection molding machine can be equal to the ones of 4 sets of compression molding machines. For the typre bladders manufacturers, it helps to improve production efficiency while saving factory floor space.

    Advantages Two

    Less rubber material wasted

    • When using compression molding press, the more wasted rubber material on the tyre bladders edges compared with bladder injection molding machines, especially there will be 2-3mm thickness of the overflowed rubber flash generally in the mold parting surface, which need to be trimmed after compression molding. But if you use rubber bladder injection machine, the rubber flash can be controlled under 0.5 mm or even no flash on the mold parting line.
    • What’s more, bladders injection molding machine can strictly control the injection volume according to the product weight, and fill the mold cavity completely by accurate metering. But the compression molding machine only can manually increase rubber materials to solve the defects like in-balancing material filling , lack of material filling or surface scars. That is the reason that compression molding machine will inevitably lead to raw material wasting.
    • Finally, the former process of rubber injection molding method is simplified. After the material filtered, it doesn’t need to do pro-forming on mix milling machine or weighing, it can reduce tire bladders production cost.
      It is worth mentioning that the injection molding way can produce uniform thickness of the thin wall tire bladders, because the material was in viscous state before injection, the material flow ability is better, the wall thickness can be as thin as 3 mm, and wall thickness are uniform, can be controlled within ± 0.1 mm range, which can reduce the rubber material consumption of 20-30%, it saves a lot of material cost and reduce the tire bladders production cost greatly.

      Advantages Three

      Reduce the production cost of tyres vulcanizing process

      • Because the compounds was fully sheared, mixed through the screw and injected into mold cavity with high temperature and pressure by injection molding way, the material internal is dense, molecular mesh cross-linking is more tight than the way of compression molding, so that permanent deformation of tire bladders is smaller by bladder injection molding machine, and the bladders' usage life time is generally increased 40% than the compression molding way. The bladders usage times are very constant, it is easy to manage the plan to replace the tyre bladders when using tyre vulcanizing presses.
        Not only that, for example, when the tyre maker uses tyre bladders with 3 mm thin wall thickness, the thermal conductivity increases, can shorten the tyre forming time, and improve the tyre production capacity while reducing energy consumption. Finally, the rubber bladders injection machine reduced the production cost of whole tire vulcanization process.

    Advantages Four

    Tyre quality improved

    • With the increasing driving speed of the cars, the requirements of tyre balance performance are getting higher and higher. The injection molded thin-wall tyre bladders are with even thickness, which can touch and press the inner side of the tyres completely under the action of the pressure medium and make the tyres fill and pressurize well in the vulcanizing process. Uniform pressure has the direct impacts on the final shape of tyres, thus injection molding way of tyre bladders significantly improved the high-speed tire balance pass rate.
    • Advantages Five

      More energy saving and less labor cost

    • Tire bladders vulcanizing time is shortened, which can reduce the heating power consumption, and the number of operators. (One operator can run 3-5 sets of tyre bladder injection machine)

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