C Frame Injection Press

C Frame Rubber Injection Press

C frame rubber injection press is Huayi hot sales rubber injection press with C frame clamping structure, suitable for molding EPDM profiles joints of car window sealing system by injection way. Sturdy machine structure,swift dynamic response,high precision,high safety and convenient operation and service support makes C frame injection press sell hot in domestic market while exported many foreign countries.
  • EPDM sealing strips junctions molding press;
  • C frame structure , complete open structure;
  • No Injection runner, All in all out injection system, top injection or bottom injection;
  • No need check valve and metering, more accurate injection;
  • Injection accuracy is ±0.5%, CPK ≥1.67
  • Platens temperature tolerance within ±2°,PID temperature calibration,Germany imported insulation plates.
  • No broken rubber in the feeding area
  • Double working station is optional
  • Upper lifter, sliding, ejector ,core pulling valves adopts for different mold requirements.
  • CE Certification option is available
  • Product Description

    C Frame rubber injection press,specialized in molding EPDM,Natural rubber sealing profiles corners/junctions/joints by injection way. Open C frame structure with more free sparece, operators can insert profiles conveniently, widely used by the world famous vehicle window sealing system companies.

    Item HYZ-15J HYZ-30J HYZ-50J HYZ-80J HYZ-160J HYZ-200J HYZ-250J
    Item HYZ-15J HYZ-30J              HYZ-50J HYZ-80J HYZ-160J HYZ-200J HYZ-250J
    Clamping Force(KN) 150 300 470 800 1600 2000 2500
    Injection Volume(CM3) 100 160 150/300 300 600 300 300
    Heating Platen Size(W*L/MM) 450*350 300*300/350*400 450*400 700*500 750*650 700*600 750*650
    Daylight (MM) 450 350 400 640 850 780 1000
    Max.Clamping Stroke(MM) 400 300 350 500 500 600 700
    Min.Mold Thickness(MM) 60 60 60 150 350 180 300
    Total Power (KW) 20 20 21 28 28 28 60
    Machine Size (M) 1.6*1.4*2.9 1.8*1*2.7 2*1*3 2.5*1.5*3.5 2.5*1.5*4 2.5*1.5*4 4*3*4.5
    Machine Weight(T) 1.5 2 3 6.5 8 9 16

    C frame rubber Injection press features

      Sturdy machine structure

    • Finite element analysis ensures rigidity of c frame structure
    • Platens parallelism defects less than 0.06mm
    • European oil seals and oil couplings, well-knit oil manifolds & pipe connnections ensure no oil leakage

    • Swift dynamic response

    • Most advanced Siemens control system with high speed calculation modules promote swift dynamic response

      High precision

    • Germany top brand injection transducer, Injection Injection volume tolerance ±0.5%, CPK >=1.67, temperature control on injection unit within 2°difference
    • Platens temperature tolerance within ±2°,PID temperature calibration; Germany imported insulation plates prevents heat loss efficiently.

    • High safety

    • Low pressure mold clamping protection,Rexroth safety salves, full safey protection guards and sensors, which conforms to CE standard rubber injection press

      Saving energy

    • Servo driven system applied for saving 20%-50% power, max 80% power can be saved in the cold climate

    • Convenient operation and service support

    • Humanized operation interface, USB data load /download, multi passward management, remote wireless monitoring and maintenance.

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